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In the usual therapy seen on TV, touching is absolutely forbidden. Like really not OK. The idea being about “transference” blah blah.

But some of us go for days, weeks maybe, touching no one. Not a hug in sight. Nada, fuckall. So we buy a massage or touch ourselves. Sad, yes?!

Exercise is one way of feeling the body, but the word is an instant turn off for me…like
Who ‘wants” to ‘exercise’? No one. But if we FEEL good running, then that’s not exercise for its own sake, that’s joy. Anything Physical that feels good IS good.
And therapeutic.

We practice T’ai Chi because it connects the mind and the body and it FEELS good…so-
therapeutic, right?
Therapies come in all shapes and sizes as do therapists. We never know who or what is going to enlighten us or bring a new idea to life for us.
Stay awake and be open to the influences around us is all.