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I’ve never played bingo, even though I’m English and Bingo was invented in England. Nevertheless I now run the bingo game at an Assisted Living facility.
I spin a wire cage and little wooden balls with numbers pop out, B-1 to O-75, I call out the number and place the ball on a wooden board with a place for each one of the 75 balls.
Bingo has a Zen-like meaninglessness to it. For me at least. On the other hand it holds an intense and focussed fascination for the players, as does Zen meditation for some people.

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In Memoriam for Oliver

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Our nephew Oliver died recently – too soon.

Here is a photo of him and his brother as kids running on the beach.

“The Net of Heaven is vast, and even though it’s mesh is wide – nothing is lost”
Tao Te Ching

Bon Voyage Ollie, our love goes with you.

Amy and Rod.

Harry and Oliver on the beach