I Ching & U.S. Presidential Election – 1.

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I was talking with Amy a couple of days ago and she suggested we consult with the I Ching every ten days or so about the presidential election. She said that the I Ching responses might reflect the ever shifting tides of change in this election.

Amy and I have done political readings before. I remember Al Gore, in his bid for the presidency in 2000. We consulted the oracle and received hexagram 45 line 6: “Weeping and wailing. It’s not your fault that you lost. it’s time to do something else”. And that’s what happened. He went on to help make us aware of the damaging effects of climate change.

More recently we asked about the Brexit vote. On June 23rd I tweeted: “Britain will remain in the EU. I Ching says: Hex 58 line 6. “Do not give in to dark seductions.” The British are sensible & won’t do that.” But they were seduced to the wrong path, by 52% to 48%.

My personal bias was that exit could not possibly happen and I saw the terse Chinese commentary “yin dui” – “seductive pleasure” ass more of an opinion than predicting an outcome.

So, besides this looking like I’m trying to wriggle out of a bad prediction, a couple of thing are indicated here: First, sometimes we get an opinion and sometimes a prediction, and frequently it is difficult to tell which is which; and secondly, that personal bias will always influence how we interpret a reading.

The good news is that I now know what to say if I get hexagram 56 line 6 again. “You are giving in to a seductive pleasure”. And that I think is an interesting observation about the dynamics that fueled this decision in England to leave the EU: when we feel ignored we will be tempted to burn our own house down to gain attention. Think ghettos in USA. It’s a “cut off your nose to spite your face” thing.

Rage anger and resentment are the fuel not only for psychosomatic disorders but also socially self-destructive actions.

And so we come to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I wrote those names in that order without really thinking about it. Trump is the loudmouth at the party and Hillary is trying to make herself heard above the din. I also wrote “Trump” and “Hillary” rather than “Donald” and “Clinton”. Subtle bias slides in everywhere.

So let’s get to it. I’m always nervous consulting the I Ching. It is a complete betrayal of my instinctive sense of logic that throwing six coins at random on a table and linking the arrangement of heads and tails to a chapter and line in an ancient Chinese book will give me anything other than a random answer. But I always seem to get something out of it , which is why we wrote “The I Ching Made Easy”…so WE could understand it!

Q: So here goes for Donald Trump and the U.S. Presidency.

(I write the question on a piece of paper, while shaking the coins in my hands and then lay them out and read the arrangement of heads and tails; here’s what we get:

A: Hexagram 62 line 1.

This is about a small bird who should know it’s limitations and not try to fly too high. The first line emphasizes this advice with the image of a fledgeling leaving the nest too soon and meeting with bad luck.

We have swallows nesting under our eaves and occasional fledgelings will leave the nest too soon. If we find them in time we can return them to the nest and they have a chance of growing and surviving. More frequently they have the instinct to leave again, or else they are pushed out. Either way they do not survive.

O.K. I can make that fit. He’s just not ready.

Q: How about Hillary Clinton and the U.S. Presidency?

A: Hexagram 3 line 6. (I freaked out a bit doing this reading and was shaking the coins forever before being able to commit and lay them on the table to be read).

Hexagram 3 is called “Difficulty” and is about a seedling pushing through the earth to reach the light. It’s about getting your act together, problem solving and handling difficulties. Caution and perseverance in overcoming confusion.

Line six paints the picture of (Hillary) on the back of a horse, hesitating without moving forward and weeping tears of blood. it tells of a strong person (on a horse) in an uncertain position (at a standstill) not knowing what to do next (tears of blood).

I get the sense of her being stuck. We all follow D.T.’s antics like a guilty pleasure; but I have no idea what H.C. is up to because D.T. is sucking all the air out of the room.

What can Hillary do to get our attention and give us a sense of energy, movement and progress? That’s her problem. Let’s see what happens at the Democratic Convention next week.

Everything that happens shifts the dynamics at play.

So that’s it so far, let’s see how it goes in a week or so.

Rod and Amy