I Ching & US Presidential Election – 5

A quick review of earlier readings.

Our first consultation of the I Ching on July 21st told us that Donald was unfit to be president and that Hillary was over prepared.

Our second reading was on August 7th, after the conventions, told us that Hillary was looking good and Donald would recover.

Our third reading on September 4th told us that Donald’s appeal was to those who felt left out and left behind – the rural vote – and that Hillary was on the defensive.

Our last reading, just before the first debate, suggested that Donald was “at a standstill in his golden carriage” and should make an effort to move from his privileged, self involved stance.

Donald’s biorhythms showed him weak emotionally and intellectually and recommended he not get sidetracked into a dangerous firestorm.

Hillary’s time of loss and retreat was over and it was her time to shine.

Her biorhythms supported this view suggesting a renewal of vitality.

As it turned out Hillary kept her cool and Donald lost it.

Now to the upcoming debate on October 9th.

DJT’s biorhythms show him to be physically low on this day and coming off of emotional and intellectual highs. This translates into hexagram 35 line one indicating that insincerity will hinder his advance and only by acting calmly will he avoid disaster.

HRC’s biorhythms show her to be high physically and intellectually and coming down through a critical point emotionally. This translates into hexagram 10 line 4 which tells her she is “cautiously treading on a tiger’s tail” – but will ultimately prevail.

Now for the readings. I consulted the oracle Friday morning, shortly before DJT’s latest sexual scandal hit the airwaves.

I asked about HRC first. She received hexagram 34 line 3. This gives us the picture of a goat getting ensnared when it butts it’s horns against a fence. The advice is for her to refrain from showing off, not get entangled in vile disputes and demonstrate her power in a calm manner.

DJT received hexagram 43 line 5. This also gives us the image of a goat, this time one which proceeds determinedly without stopping. He will not give up, but it also indicates he will not succeed.

The word ‘proceed’ also means ‘leave’ and I somewhat hopefully saw him storming off halfway through the debate – wishful thinking.

In brief Don will barrel on and Hillary should play it cool.

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Enough already, let’s vote and get this over with!