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I Ching: four political readings 8/12/17

The I Ching, or Book of Changes is an ancient Chinese book of wisdom and divination with a history of more than two and a half millennia of commentary and interpretation. More info.
The I Ching comprises 64 images called hexagrams.

Each hexagram is made up of six lines, each of which can be either solid ————
or open—      —.

For example:
 —        —
 —        —

Each hexagram has a meaning and each line within each hexagram has a more specific meaning to the overall meaning of the hexagram.

The lines are counted from the bottom up, like the floors of a building.

The bottom (first) line is the beginning of the situation; the top (sixth) line is the last.

The hexagrams are numbered according to their sequence in the I Ching.

Like 64 chapters in a book with each chapter having six paragraphs.

A hexagram and line are chosen by throwing 6 coins at random and noting the arrangement of heads and tails.

Makes no sense but that’s synchronicity for you.

Amy and I mostly consult and teach the I Ching on individual matters.
However the I Ching has a long history of being consulted by kings and princes in the governing of their states.
From time to time Amy and I tune into the news and are inspired to have the I Ching comment on some public event or other.
Here are the results of four recent questions posed to the I Ching. Continue reading I Ching: four political readings 8/12/17

I Ching & US Presidential Election – 7

O.K. So I called it wrong (unless the Electoral College decides otherwise). I said Hillary Clinton would win the election and now I want to know where I went wrong.

It may seem like I’m trying to wriggle out of being wrong on this and there may be some of that going on but I also like to think I can learn from my mistakes.

First thing to consider is that throwing a bunch of coins and getting a line of advice from a 5,000 year old book is just another Rorschach ink blot test – you read into it what you want to see. And I think that’s partly true.

An I Ching colleague, who predicted Trump’s victory, pointed this out to me. Yes, I wanted Hillary Clinton to win. The polls said she would. I could not believe he could be our 45th president. All this led me to skewer what I saw in the readings I did.

My first mistake was to conflate the last debate and the final result of the election in my last reading. Asking for a single response to two questions (how will they do in the debate and how will they do in the election) will produce a confusing answer.

So on Wednesday, the day after the election, I did a new pair of readings. Now this is after the event. Nevertheless I was curious to see what I would get.

Trump received Hexagram 8 (water over the earth) with line 4. Hexagram 8 is about the leader encouraging people to come together. Line 4 advises him to select advisors from outside his close circle in order to do this.

Clinton got Hexagram 55 (thunder over fire) also with line 4. Hexagram 55 is about an excess or abundance of things – good or bad. Line 4 says there is an abundance of darkness – like an eclipse. Day turns to night.

That seems pretty clear now. Trump wins. Clinton loses.

Now lets go back to the readings done after the final debate.

Clinton got Hexagram 56 line 2 which says the traveler finds a safe place to stay. I thought (or wanted to think) it meant the White House. And in these contentious times the White House might not be a safe refuge.

Trump got Hexagram 30 line 5 which says with tears of grief and sighs of worry and sadness you succeed. I couldn’t make sense of this so I dropped the “succeed” part and said he loses. My bias entering in.

On reflection it means that a person who expresses his emotions freely will engender sympathy and succeed.

So I’ve learned something from this:-
Personal bias gets in the way.
Anything is possible.
I now have a better understanding of these particular Hexagrams and lines.
Ask clear questions.
I still believe the I Ching is a helpful advisor.

And last but not least, this is a Fire Monkey year. 1776 was also a Fire Monkey year. Long live the Revolution!



I Ching & US Presidential Election – 5

A quick review of earlier readings.

Our first consultation of the I Ching on July 21st told us that Donald was unfit to be president and that Hillary was over prepared.

Our second reading was on August 7th, after the conventions, told us that Hillary was looking good and Donald would recover.

Our third reading on September 4th told us that Donald’s appeal was to those who felt left out and left behind – the rural vote – and that Hillary was on the defensive.

Our last reading, just before the first debate, suggested that Donald was “at a standstill in his golden carriage” and should make an effort to move from his privileged, self involved stance.

Donald’s biorhythms showed him weak emotionally and intellectually and recommended he not get sidetracked into a dangerous firestorm.

Hillary’s time of loss and retreat was over and it was her time to shine.

Her biorhythms supported this view suggesting a renewal of vitality.

As it turned out Hillary kept her cool and Donald lost it.

Now to the upcoming debate on October 9th.

DJT’s biorhythms show him to be physically low on this day and coming off of emotional and intellectual highs. This translates into hexagram 35 line one indicating that insincerity will hinder his advance and only by acting calmly will he avoid disaster.

HRC’s biorhythms show her to be high physically and intellectually and coming down through a critical point emotionally. This translates into hexagram 10 line 4 which tells her she is “cautiously treading on a tiger’s tail” – but will ultimately prevail.

Now for the readings. I consulted the oracle Friday morning, shortly before DJT’s latest sexual scandal hit the airwaves.

I asked about HRC first. She received hexagram 34 line 3. This gives us the picture of a goat getting ensnared when it butts it’s horns against a fence. The advice is for her to refrain from showing off, not get entangled in vile disputes and demonstrate her power in a calm manner.

DJT received hexagram 43 line 5. This also gives us the image of a goat, this time one which proceeds determinedly without stopping. He will not give up, but it also indicates he will not succeed.

The word ‘proceed’ also means ‘leave’ and I somewhat hopefully saw him storming off halfway through the debate – wishful thinking.

In brief Don will barrel on and Hillary should play it cool.

Previous readings here: #1, #2, #3, #4.

Enough already, let’s vote and get this over with!










I Ching & U.S. Presidential Election – 4

This is the fourth I Ching reading on the US election.

You can find the others here: #1, #2, #3.

The I Ching or Book of Changes is a 5,000 year old Chinese classic of wisdom and divination. By the random throwing of coins and interpreting the pattern of heads and tails a synchronistic connection is made with a chapter (hexagram) and line of advice in the oracle.

The last time we consulted the oracle on September the 4th we were told that HRC was in retreat mode with DJT nipping at her heels. And this seemed to have happened with DJT rising in the polls to become a real threat. (Hexagram 33, line 1).

DJT, the oracle said, was about getting support and presenting a broad positive vision and that his support so far is with those who consider themselves forgotten and ignored. (Hexagram 13, line 6). ( And who isn’t?)

Today’s reading focuses on Monday’s Presidential debate and how they will fare.

DJT received hexagram 47 with line 4.

Hexagram 47 shows the water draining out of a lake. it is the symbol of oppression and adversity. Line 4 describes of an official leaving his golden carriage and coming to the aid of those less fortunate.

I would interpret this to mean that to succeed DJT must free himself from the image of a wealthy businessman interested only in increasing his own wealth and stature and show genuine concern for those less fortunate.

HRC received hexagram 41 with line 6.

Hexagram 41 is about loss and decrease. Line 6 however says that her time of loss is over and that she has a supportive staff that will enable her to move out of her protective stance.

I would interpret this to mean that she can tell people how she is working for the public good by showcasing the specific policies she has developed as part of her platform.

I also looked at their biorhythms for Monday the 26th.

DJT is high physically – he will have the stamina for the debate. Emotionally he has just turned the corner from a low point and intellectually rising from a low point. His emotional stability is his weak point.

When the biorhythms are translated into a hexagram (Hexagram 5, line1) he is advised to be patient and stick to the issues his supporters love him for. (And those ‘issues’ would be what?)

HRC’s biorhythms tell us that she is coming down from a high physically and approaching a critical point. She is strong and rising emotionally and just turning the corner from an intellectual low. Her weak point is her physical stamina. (Much about nothing me thinks. Thanks to the media (small m)).

This translates into hexagram 28, line 2. Hexagram 28 is about bending under a weight, feeling burdened. Line 2 however says that an old willow is able to send forth fresh green shoots.

Putting it all together I would say that DJT will benefit from by keeping his cool, leaving his golden Trump Tower to be with the people and attacking HRC’s political elitism.

HRC will do well demonstrating her record of public service, her plans for helping the country and attacking DJT’s financial elitism.

If I were to take a bet I would say that HRC will come out on top.

We’ll see.

Rod (and Amy)




I Ching & the U.S. Presidential Election – 3

I Ching & Presidential Election – 3
September 4th 2016

This is the third in a series of I Ching consultations about the US presidential election.
The first was done on July 23rd and the I Ching told us that DJT was not qualified to be president; that it was an overreach on his part.

As for HRC we were told she was over-prepared and suffered from a feeling of immobility and paralysis.

But things change and these queries are about the current situation for each candidate at the time of asking.
The second set of readings were done on August 27th after the conventions.

The I Ching said HRC was looking good. “Dressed in white” is the translation of  the line in the I Ching – the color she wore at the convention.
DJT, we were told, had not gone so far off track that he could not still make a recovery if he changed course now.

Today: September 4th we ask again about the two contenders.

Hexagram 33, Heaven over the Mountain, with line one moving.
This hexagram is about achieving or maintaining a secure position, protecting oneself from destabilizing attacks and taking to the high ground.
Line one tells us that HRC is vulnerable to enemy attacks.
The strategy recommended is to give the enemy nothing to latch on to.
HRC’s exposed flanks are the e-mail and Clinton Foundation scandals and her perceived lack of empathy.
She must protect herself without appearing defensive and likable without appearing weak.
A difficult task.

Hexagram 13, Heaven over Fire with line 6 moving.
This hexagram is about the value of making friends, cooperation, a positive vision with clear objectives presented with affinity and empathy.
Line 6 warns us that his influence is limited to rural areas and the fringe of the population.
There is a lack of broad support and cooperation, and your forces are weak.
DJT’s task is to be inclusive, open and friendly.
DJT is now attempting to broaden his appeal without losing his base.
However he presents himself as a savior against dark forces rather than a leader seeking the advice and help of others in achieving a grand vision.
This will be to his detriment.

Best – Rod