Why ‘Pastoral Counseling’?

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This blog is about why we are ministers in the Church of Healing Energy, and why what we do is called pastoral counseling.

Being pastoral counselors is more than a protective umbrella under which we may freely practice our healing arts – it’s about how we see you and how we get good results.

When I (Rod) was employed at our local hospital Behavioral Health Unit the clinical director, and good friend, Dr. T. and I would spice up otherwise deadly boring clinical staff meetings with interesting discussions.

One of our exchanges was about consciousness and chemistry.

Dr. T. felt that the brain creates consciousness. His position was that consciousness is a by-product of the chemical interactions of the brain.

This view inevitably leads to the conclusion that you are a helpless victim of heredity and environment, and all that is needed from you is a passive compliance to the doctor’s orders.

I took the other side and said that consciousness came first and creates our reality.

This view is supported by Quantum Mechanics, which says that it takes an observer to collapse the wave field from many possibilities all existing at once to one single agreed upon reality.

That’s the Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment. The cat is in a box with a poison that has a 50% chance of being released and killing the cat.  While the box is closed we don’t know if the poison was released or not and the cat is in a dual state. It is both dead AND alive. Only when the box is opened does this vagueness collapse into one of two possibilities.The cat is now either dead OR the cat is now alive.

It’s weird but true.

But my argument wasn’t convincing. They observed my argument and decided that my cat was dead. In a way they proved my point. How you look at it decides the outcome.

This is really more than a curious philosophical interlude, and I’ll tell you why. We approach clients differently because of the way we see people.

If I see you as a chemical stimulus-response mechanism, all I can do is change the chemistry and adjust the responses. It’s like fixing a toaster. We don’t really care how the toaster feels about being fixed.

We see you as a basically perfect being, but unfortunately entangled in unwanted sensations, thoughts, memories and emotions. You are fundamentally O.K. and an integral part of the solution. Together we disentangle from these unwanted conditions. I show you how. You do it.

I am the mountain guide, you do the climbing. I can’t carry you up the mountain.

This power that we have as conscious, spiritual beings is the only power capable of changing things.

And that’s why Amy and I are ministers in the Church of Healing Energy.

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