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Strawberry Moon

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Strawberry Moon 6/23/16
Full moon and solstice on the same day yesterday. Last time it happened was 1967 – Summer of Love (to be followed in 1968 with Year of Protest) and the coincidence of the full moon on the solstice before that was in 1948 when Britain began the National Health Service (I was four years old). A hopeful prognostication.
My astrology (Sagittarius) says this full moon will be a new focus for me, and I feel it. Maybe because I’m taking a couple of weeks off of working at the Assisted Living Home. Time to rest up and and consider things.

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“Are we done yet?”

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I make bread, and I’ve just kneaded some dough and set it out to rise, and making bread is a useful analogy to knowing when a session is “done”.

I used to have a bread-maker but after fifteen years the motor packed in. I thought of popping down to the local WalMart for a new machine but I was in a “simplify” frame of mind and decided to give it a go at making it by hand.

I now enjoy kneading the dough by hand it can be therapeutic: I can work out my frustration, or I can use the time to practice patience – or I can simply be kneading dough, with nothing added.

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