I Ching & US Presidential Election – 2


The I Ching or Chinese Book of Changes is a 5,000 year old book of wisdom and divination. It is made up of 64 hexagrams each having 6 lines. Rather like a book with 64 chapters each containing 6 paragraphs of advice.

Coins are thrown at random and the arrangement of coins leads one to a particular chapter and paragraph.

On July 23rd we consulted the I Ching about the current status of the US Presidential election.

Donald Trump received hexagram 62 (thunder over the mountain). It’s meaning is doing something to excess when you are not up to it. The specific line indicated was line 1 which gives us the image of a small bird trying to fly too high. Makes sense.

Hillary Clinton received hexagram 3 (thunder under water). This means difficulty in preparing to do something or getting going. The line emphasized was line 6 which told us she was stuck, at a standstill. Makes sense too. There was a sense of her being over-prepared.

Today’s (8/7/16) reading gave HRC hexagram 22 (fire illuminating the mountain). This means adornment, presentation, appearance. The line is line 6 which says “dressed in white” (bai bi). And she appeared at the convention dressed in white.

This indicates she will forge ahead looking good. and that’s what seems to be happening.

Donald Trump received hexagram 24 (thunder under the earth). This indicates a comeback or recovery. Line one is indicated, which means he has not gone so far off track that a recovery is not possible.

We’ll see if he manages to do that. Despite outrageous statements that terrify the establishment he still has popular support at the candidate of protest and rebellion in this year of the Fire Monkey.

1776 was a Fire Monkey year. DJT is not done yet.

Rod and Amy