The U.S. Presidential Election – 6

OK the final colonoscopy – sorry – debate is upon us. At least it’s on Wednesday.
I missed some good telly with the last one being on Sunday.
Well as expected, and predicted by the I Ching they went at it like two old goats in the last debate.
Donald barreling on regardless and Hillary taking the high road to stay out of trouble.

It looks like it’s all over but for the crying and recrimination on the one hand and celebration and gloating on the other.
Hopefully the post-mortem will, like the hangover after a night of drunken brawling, also encourage some sober reflection.

Donald’s biorhythms for the 19th show him to be high physically and low emotionally and intellectually. This suggests he is going to act in an unrestrained manner. It bodes misfortune.

Hillary’s biorhythms for this day show her having just passed an intellectual transition from high to low and coming up to a physical transition from high to low and emotionally coming up from a low. A more complex scenario that nevertheless suggests that if she makes a sincere presentation she will have a favorable response.

Donald’s I Ching reading for the the final debate on the 19th, and the final outcome of the election is Hexagram 30 line 5. Hexagram 30 is the fire element doubled – The Clinging Fire. Flamboyant, and needy for the attention (fuel) to feed his flame.
The original interpretation of  line 2 says “He weeps with continuous tears like rain falling and sighs with worry and sadness – good fortune.”
I take this to mean Donald will continue to complain that the system is rigged against him; and thought he will clearly not win the election he will come out well in the end.
The Donald survives.

Hillary’s I Ching reading for the final debate on the 19th, and the final outcome of the election is Hexagram 56 line 2. Hexagram 56 has the element of fire on the mountain. The Wandering Traveler. The fire ranges over the mountain seeking a new home. Hillary looking for a new home in the White House.
The original interpretation of this line says: “The traveler reaches and lives in an inn with money in her robe. She is treated well by a loyal servant.”
This is a person who gets on well with people and causes no resentment.
The “inn” is the White House where she is welcome though it will obviously not be her permanent home.

Unless something dramatic happens this will be the last consultation of the I Ching I will do on this presidential election.
Amy and I have already voted.
Please vote.
Thank you.