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I Ching: four political readings 8/12/17

The I Ching, or Book of Changes is an ancient Chinese book of wisdom and divination with a history of more than two and a half millennia of commentary and interpretation. More info.
The I Ching comprises 64 images called hexagrams.

Each hexagram is made up of six lines, each of which can be either solid ————
or open—      —.

For example:
 —        —
 —        —

Each hexagram has a meaning and each line within each hexagram has a more specific meaning to the overall meaning of the hexagram.

The lines are counted from the bottom up, like the floors of a building.

The bottom (first) line is the beginning of the situation; the top (sixth) line is the last.

The hexagrams are numbered according to their sequence in the I Ching.

Like 64 chapters in a book with each chapter having six paragraphs.

A hexagram and line are chosen by throwing 6 coins at random and noting the arrangement of heads and tails.

Makes no sense but that’s synchronicity for you.

Amy and I mostly consult and teach the I Ching on individual matters.
However the I Ching has a long history of being consulted by kings and princes in the governing of their states.
From time to time Amy and I tune into the news and are inspired to have the I Ching comment on some public event or other.
Here are the results of four recent questions posed to the I Ching. Continue reading I Ching: four political readings 8/12/17