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Be your own psychic adviser using the
world’s oldest oracle.

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is a 5000 year-old Chinese book of wisdom and divination. In it are described 64 different ways of responding to a situation. By following the simple instructions below you can use the I Ching right here, right now.

Confucius said that if he were granted another twenty years of life he would spend it studying the I Ching.

Most days we don’t have twenty minutes let alone twenty years; but we do have twenty seconds, and we are going to show you how to get one of 64 possible takes on your situation in about twenty seconds.

Can you think of 64 different ways to approach a situation? Unlikely; we can usually think of three or four ways to handle something, which means we are
failing to consider about sixty other options.

The Chart is a simple indication of the sixty-four general situations we find ourselves in at any one time in our lives.

Whether you think this operates purely by chance, or if you believe there is
some magical synchronistic appropriateness to your answer, at the very least you are going to be given the opportunity to consider your problem from another angle, and maybe it will shake loose some of your preconceptions and allow you to consider some novel and creative options.
Allow yourself to approach this in a manner that is both sincere and also open to the playful forces we are actively engaging with when we consult this profound and ancient book of wisdom.

• • With your question in mind and a sincere attitude, take six coins in your cupped hands, shake them, and let them fall at random on a surface in front of you. Push the coins into a line stretching away from you.

• • Tails represents receptive energy and is called a ‘yin’ or ‘broken’ line.
It looks like this: _ _

• • Heads represents active energy and is called a ‘yang’ line or ‘solid’ line.
It looks like this: ___

• • The lower three coins are matched with the combination of yin and yang lines you see on the left hand side of the chart.

• • The upper three coins are matched with the combination of yin and yang lines you see across the top of the chart.

• • Where the two lines cross is a box with a phrase in it describing your situation.
The answer will either confirm your intuition about your situation, or will present a new angle and encourage you to consider fresh possibilities.

Can any of us afford to resist having this extra edge in our crazy world?
Trust your intuition!
You do know best and this does Work!
With love,
Amy Max Sorrell & Roderic Sorrell

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Here is the chart.  If you click on the image of the chart below, you will see a bigger version.