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Life in the Mainstream

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I was going to skip this section but Amy said I have to write it, not only because it contains valuable insights but more importantly for my own sake. I needed to get the charge off those incidents.

There is a mechanism here that’s worth describing. Upsetting events disrupt the nervous system. We feel shaky, nauseated, break out in a cold sweat. The nervous system is in turmoil.

Being reminded of a traumatic incident triggers the disruption all over again. The incident, instead of being neutral, has a negative charge on it. It circles around in your head. Writing it down is one way of getting it out of your head and onto the paper.

This exteriorization of our internal processes is the essence of the therapeutic process.

The first thing I learned about running a session was to listen. Sounds simple but to deeply listen, understand and acknowledge without indulging in judgment, “Helpful Feedback”, evaluation, interpretation, comments, or even a slightly raised eyebrow is not as easy as it may seem.

As soon as you do something that interrupts the outward flow of the person’s internal processes you turn their attention back on themselves. “Was that the right thing to do? Did that really happen the way I think it did?” and that easy outward flow is interrupted. Continue reading Life in the Mainstream