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“Are we done yet?”

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I make bread, and I’ve just kneaded some dough and set it out to rise, and making bread is a useful analogy to knowing when a session is “done”.

I used to have a bread-maker but after fifteen years the motor packed in. I thought of popping down to the local WalMart for a new machine but I was in a “simplify” frame of mind and decided to give it a go at making it by hand.

I now enjoy kneading the dough by hand it can be therapeutic: I can work out my frustration, or I can use the time to practice patience – or I can simply be kneading dough, with nothing added.

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Asleep at the Wheel & Out of Focus

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This therapy thing is not a complicated deal once you get the hang of it. It’s probably because over the years most of the ‘technique’ has become internalized, a natural thing – like knowing your name.

A client was referred to me by Dr. Thompson, our prescribing psychologist at the Behavioral Health Center at our local hospital.

He was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I forget if he was taking meds for it or had refused the drugs. Clients who had refused medication therapy were often referred to me. I like to know what the real situation is. I have enough confidence in my ability to help them not to want what is going on with them obscured by dulling medications. Otherwise I’m only as skilled as the social workers in the clinic: checking on how the ‘meds’ are working, and dispensing encouraging advice.

I once had a client who had to hold onto the walls to stay upright and couldn’t form words easily. Time to ease up on the meds!

Anyway, let’s call our client John, in his 30’s and single. He couldn’t leave his house in the morning to go to work without checking the locks so many times he was frequently late for work and worried all day that the house was open or his dog would get out of the yard.

In the first session I addressed his situation as a memory problem. I figured that if John had a way of knowing he had locked his door, then he would be relieved of one aspect of his anxiety.

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In the usual therapy seen on TV, touching is absolutely forbidden. Like really not OK. The idea being about “transference” blah blah.

But some of us go for days, weeks maybe, touching no one. Not a hug in sight. Nada, fuckall. So we buy a massage or touch ourselves. Sad, yes?!

Exercise is one way of feeling the body, but the word is an instant turn off for me…like
Who ‘wants” to ‘exercise’? No one. But if we FEEL good running, then that’s not exercise for its own sake, that’s joy. Anything Physical that feels good IS good.
And therapeutic.

We practice T’ai Chi because it connects the mind and the body and it FEELS good…so-
therapeutic, right?
Therapies come in all shapes and sizes as do therapists. We never know who or what is going to enlighten us or bring a new idea to life for us.
Stay awake and be open to the influences around us is all.

What we do and what we don’t do

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Trauma resolution, stress management, pain management. These are some of the things we do. They all have certain things in common which we will try to describe here. And because a client is not a passive recipient but rather an active participant, he or she needs to know what is going on for therapy to work.

What we dealing with in a session are troubling incidents or feelings, something you have but don’t want. A troubling incident or mood is something that persists when it should be moving on.

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The Clarity Meter

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The Clarity Meter: What is it? Is it still a thing?

I received an e-mail the other day from advertising the Clarity Meter and it reminded me that we used a similar machine in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s to detect areas of disturbance or trauma in the client; and, when the trauma was treated, checking to see that it has been successfully resolved.

The meter is a skin galvanometer and measures changes in skin conductivity – with what ease or resistance electrical impulses move throughout the body.

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